NIX18 responsible drinking

Consume alcohol responsibly 18+

When ordering alcoholic beverages online, we apply the following rules: does not sell alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18.
When you place an online drink order with us, you are required to enter your date of birth.
On delivery, the delivery person will always ask for a signature for receipt.

In case of doubt about the age limit, you must be able to identify yourself.

Why no alcohol under the age of 18?
• Young people tolerate alcohol physically and mentally worse than middle-aged people. A young body is not yet fully grown and due to alcoholic consumption, the chance of stagnation is high.

• It has also been proven that alcohol use among young people can seriously disrupt brain development. The result of this is, for example, permanent loss of concentration and impairment of long-term memory.

• The risk of alcohol poisoning is many times greater in young people.

• You are much less inhibited by alcohol use. As a result, young people who drink alcohol will take many more (unnecessary) risks.

For more information check these websites:

Adults, lead by example. As an adult you also have the responsibility not to give alcoholic drinks to young people, family and friends under the age of 18. So also not for home use. If you do, don't take the risk that this person could develop irreparable physical and mental harm.
Be careful and be sensible.

Tips for the parents:
As a parent you can certainly positively influence the drinking behavior of children, for example by:
• Drink in moderation yourself, a good example.
• Be clear about alcohol use, from 18.
• Have an overview of what is on your children's mind.
• Inform yourself about the effect, the consequences and the risks of alcohol consumption among your family members.

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