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Eau de Vie


Eau-de-vie (French for water of life) is a collective name for all kinds of strong alcoholic drinks, which are often made of fermented and then distilled fruit.


French and Swiss made monks in the Middle Ages its own eau-de-vie. The Danish Akvavit is a literal translation of water of life, as the Irish Gaelic Uisge Beatha and Scottish Gaelic Uisge Bheatha, where the word whiskey is derived.

Eaux-de-vie, among others made of apricots, apples, blackberries, cherries, pears and plums. The color of an eau-de-vie is usually clear as water but slightly colored. The alcohol content is between 37.5% and 45%.


An eau-de-vie was until a few years ago always pure drunk before dinner or as a digestif after dinner. Today, cocktails with it, the vodka, gin or rum by an eau-de-vie is replaced, for example Mirabelle tonic, as a gin and tonic with a slice of orange.

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