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Whisky from Isle of Skye

Whisky from Isle of Skye. There is only one distillery that creates full body and peaty profiled scotch whisky. The island's one distillery can be found on the western coast of the island above Loch Harport, where water from springs in the nearby hills is plentiful for distillation. These hills, made up of volcanic basalt, provide high-quality water for whisky production, and some aficionados have even suggested that the volcanic rock here has a pronounced effect on the flavors and aromas in the whisky.
Poit Dhubh 12 Years Old Malt Whisky 700ml Gift box
€43,50 * VAT-Included (21%) Excl. Shipping costs Unit price: €62,91 / Liter
Talisker Dark Storm 1 Liter Gift Box
€82,42 * VAT-Included (21%) Excl. Shipping costs Unit price: €82,42 / Liter
* VAT-Included (21%) Excl. Shipping costs
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